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Transferring Overseas

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Planning for retirement overseas can be such an exciting time with the opportunities to relax and travel the world, but for many people planning to spend their retirement abroad, understanding the rules and complexities of international pension transfers can be challenging.

With multiple options, investment decisions, tax regulations and transfer rules, it is vital to seek professional wealth management advice before making any long-term choices about the optimal way to manage your pension fund overseas.

Our FREE Guide to International Pension Transfers is an ideal starting point for understanding the critical decision factors when planning for an expat retirement lifestyle.

This comprehensive overview will help you make informed judgements about managing your retirement budgets and taking advantage of potentially lucrative transfer options. Download your complimentary Guide to get started.

Planning for Retirement Overseas

Living somewhere warm, tranquil and tropical is a retirement aspiration for millions of people in the UK.

The key to making the most of your pension fund is to have all the facts and up to date information relating to the tax regimes, transfer regulations, and pension allowances in your destination of choice.

Chorus Financial experts provide professional guidance on every aspect of retiring abroad and safeguarding your retirement funds, our guide includes:

  • Identifying the most financially beneficial transfer options.
  • Evaluating the taxation liabilities associated with moving your pension.
  • Comparing the tax rates on pension income from different products.
  • Advice on the various pension fund categories and the benefits available.
  • Weighing up the risks and advantages of opting for an international pension transfer.
  • Highlighting possible investment alternatives and the impact on tax.
  • Establishing how pension transfers may affect succession planning and inheritance taxes.
Transferring A Pension Overseas

The Importance of International Pension Planning

Deciding whether to transfer your pension abroad depends on multiple factors. Each is specific to your circumstances and retirement plans, and with that in mind Chorus Financial offer bespoke financial advice tailored to your specific requirements.

Retiring abroad can be the ultimate dream and provide an outstanding quality of life. Achieving those aspirations requires thorough planning to ensure you are fully prepared for the transition and have a firm grasp over your income levels and related taxation.

Our Guide to International Pension Transfers provides information about the transfer options throughout some of the most popular retirement destinations, including Europe, America and Canada.