• Do you truly understand your pension? Do you know what age you can access it and how much it will be worth? Are you aware that pension legislation has changed significantly since 2006 and today you have far more options than you did in the past? These include earlier access, the freedom to transfer from your existing scheme and the option to benefit from historically high values from Final Salary pensions. There are also ways to protect against Inheritance Tax and to dramatically increase the amount your spouse or children will receive when you pass away.  

    Your pension is likely to be your second biggest asset after your home and yet many expats have completely lost track of their entitlements or are confused by their options. Chorus will trace all your existing UK company and private pensions, provide you with up to date valuations and explain, in an easy to understand way, all your available options. Chorus offer this service for free and without pressure or obligation. 

    To benefit from Chorus’ free pension tracing and review service you simply need to fill in a short form. We can either send this to you by post, email or you can pop into our office to collect a form. 

    Please either call Chorus now on +34 965 641 163 or complete the Request A Call Back form on the right and mention that you would like to complete a pension form in the Further Information box and someone will be in touch shortly.