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How Much is Wealth Tax Allowance in Spain?
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How Much is Wealth Tax Allowance in Spain?

Understanding tax allowances is a critical part of managing your finances as a British expat in Spain. When it comes to the Spanish Wealth Tax, also known as the ‘Impuesto sobre el Patrimonio’, it’s essential to understand the tax-free allowance or threshold that applies.

The general wealth tax allowance in Spain is approximately €700,000 per individual. This allowance is applicable to the total value of your net assets, including property, savings, and pensions. Additionally, there’s a separate allowance for your primary residence, up to a value of €300,000. This essentially means, as a tax resident, the first €700,000 of your net wealth, plus the first €300,000 of your primary home’s value, could be exempt from this tax.

However, it’s crucial to note that the specifics of the Wealth Tax and the associated allowances can vary significantly between the autonomous communities within Spain. Some regions, like Madrid, have essentially eliminated this tax, while others may have different allowance thresholds or tax rates.

The applicability of these allowances can also differ based on your tax residency status. The rules for non-residents may differ from those for residents. For example, non-residents don’t get the general €700,000 allowance and can only avail of the €300,000 allowance for a property they own in Spain.

Navigating the complexities of Spanish tax allowances and understanding how they relate to your assets, including your UK pension, can be challenging. Therefore, it’s strongly advised to seek professional advice to optimise your tax position.

Chorus Financial is here to help. With our deep knowledge of the UK and Spanish tax systems, we can provide the expert guidance you need to navigate Spain’s tax landscape. We can help ensure that you manage your wealth effectively, taking full advantage of any allowances and exemptions you’re entitled to. For personalised advice tailored to your circumstances, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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